Struggling With The Choice Between Hiring A Marketing Agency Or Trying To Figure It Out On Your Own?

Let Us Give You A Better Option

We Help Businesses Just Like Yours Leverage Proven Marketing Systems To Get Dramatic Growth…Without The Typical Agency Price Tag

As you probably know, digital marketing is critical to your success.


Today's consumers expect to interact with businesses on their devices. If your competition is better at reaching them where they are, they might never even know you exist — or at least never consider you a viable option when they're looking for what you offer.


Simply put, it doesn't matter if you have better products or services than everyone else in your market if your potential customers never get a chance to try them.


Maybe you're doing a bit of digital marketing already, but if it's inconsistent, impulsive, and unmeasured, it won't produce the results you're looking for.


You need a solid digital marketing strategy that creates greater visibility, better customer engagement, and more opportunities to sell more, sell faster, and sell easier.


But there's a challenge — and a pretty big one at that.

In our experience working with small and medium businesses, we've found that, when it comes to marketing challenges, most business owners are faced with two extremes:
marketing dilemma

Do It Yourself
Cobble together an in-house marketing program and try to establish a firm foundation for delivering a clear message and managing campaigns across a hodge podge of tools.


Hire a Professional
Use the services of a full-scale marketing agency that puts together a solid marketing strategy and handles ongoing campaign management with little effort from the business owner.

Both options put a strain on your resources.


Want to do it yourself? Plan to invest significant time and effort, exacting a large cost to you personally. Time lost can never be reclaimed and stress can exact a physical and mental toll that never goes away.


Found the perfect full-service agency? Plan to invest significant working capital that could be used elsewhere. This can lead to missed opportunities for growth and expansion that can never be recovered.


Faced with these disparate options, many small businesses end up neglecting their marketing efforts entirely – that is, until their sales pipeline dries up and they're forced to hastily throw together some sort of plan.


There is a better option.

Cyna Systems
Our approach, which we call Systems as a Service, offers a third option – a happy medium between doing it yourself and hiring an expensive agency to take over. We provide the professional campaign development and delivery you'd expect from a high-end agency, but priced closer to the cost of the simple DIY tools you can afford.



We love helping business of all sizes, but we have a passion for helping small and medium businesses. Unfortunately, over the years we have discovered that most SMBs don't have the budget for 5- and 6-figure marketing services engagements.


It was extremely frustrating because these are the people we most want to help – the people in our communities, the people who keep our country going – so we worked hard to find a solution.


Through our years of experience, and no small amount of trial and error, we have developed several highly-effective strategies that resonate in the marketplace – formulas that reliably generate new opportunities for our clients. We re-engineered these strategies into marketing systems to get our customers fantastic results much more affordably.

We Help Businesses Grow by Implementing and Optimizing Marketing Systems in Four Critical Areas

Over time, we've discovered that there are four critical areas that every business like yours needs to plan for and optimize to maximize growth potential.


We call these critical areas The Core Four Marketing Framework because they are central to your marketing success.

The Core Four Marketing Framework

thumbs up icon to represent Marketing Systems to establish your Position and grow and protect your Reputation


What are people saying about your business online? 88% of U.S. consumers use online reputation to determine the quality of a local business before a making purchase. Position yourself in a way that sets you apart from the competition and establishes your brand as the go-to source in your industry when prospects are looking for what you offer.
paper airplane icon to represent Marketing Systems to grow your Reach and get Attention from new targeted prospects


Is your business showing up where your prospects are? Online networks comprise more than 2 million websites that allow you to reach 90% of consumers online. Set up effective campaigns to get your business in front of more targeted prospects every single day to secure a steady stream of visitors to your properties and grow your audience.
people icon to represent Marketing Systems to build Relationships and convert more leads into customers


How much are you engaging with your potential customers? While statistics vary quite a bit depending on the market, the vast majority of sales don't happen on the first contact with a prospect. Engage with your target audience in as many ways as possible to build trust and rapport so they feel confident in making the decision to do business with you.
data layers icon to represent Marketing Systems to Expand sales by improving Customer Retention and generating sales on the back end


Are you maximizing the value of your database? On average it cost 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell new services to an existing customer. You've already made the investment, so consistently follow up with your customers – using multiple channels – to help them and provide opportunities to buy more and buy more often.

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No fluff. No hype. Just stuff that really works.


Our proven marketing systems leverage technology to help local businesses reach their maximum growth potential and dominate their markets in each of these four critical areas, so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Reputation Marketing Systems


Today, anyone can make a comment about your business online, positive or negative.


Our data shows that over 50 percent of consumers say that the first thing they do when considering working with a small business is to go online and research their reputation.


If you’re not proactively managing your reputation, you could be running into problems.


In fact, over 90 percent of people say that the feedback about a business they see online is just as important to them in making their decision as feedback directly from a friend or a relative.


Your reputation is the very foundation of your business, and that's why it's in the number one position.

Proven strategies for branding yourself as the authority to solidify your Reputation in the marketplace

Reach Marketing Systems

Simply stated, you need to make sure more people know about your business today than yesterday.


What are you doing to reach out to more and more of your ideal prospects and customers? Are you making sure more of them know about your business and know about the benefits you have to offer? Why should they buy from you instead of your competition?


You need to know the answers to these questions. If you’re not proactively reaching out to expand the universe of people who know about your business, your opportunities are going to be limited, and ultimately the amount of growth you are able to achieve is going to be greatly reduced.


Market-tested processes to expand your Reach so you can get in front of more prospects and fill your sales funnel with qualified leads

Relationship Marketing Systems


How much are you engaging with your potential customers? Studies have shown that it takes 8-14 contacts before most people will make a buying decision.


The competition for your prospects' attention is stronger than it's ever been. Streaming services, radio, billboards, print ads, email, video ads … there's a never-ending contest to pull customers in the door. Consumers today expect businesses to interact with them wherever they are.


Your marketing systems must include the platforms and messaging needed to connect with your prospects and customers in multiple ways to elevate your message and improve your results.

Highly-effective techniques to build your Relationship with your leads so you can shorten your sales cycle and make your leads ready to buy

Retention Marketing Systems

Once you've put in the hours and effort, and spent your marketing dollars to go out and find new customers for your business, it’s absolutely critical that you take every opportunity to maximize the lifetime revenue you’re getting from those customers!


You need to have systematic processes in place for up-selling them when they make a transaction. You need a system for cross-selling them with other complimentary products and services that you have, and then you need to resell them over time by keeping in touch with them and nurturing those relationships.


In fact, our experience shows that you need to keep in touch with everyone in your market at least once a month to remind them that you’re there, and remind them of the benefits you offer.


Professionally-designed follow-up campaigns to increase Retention and turn customers into repeat buyers

From there, all those happy customers feed right back in to your reputation, making it stronger, and starting this amazing cycle again. More people are hearing the good things about you, and ultimately you’ll be spending fewer marketing dollars because you'll be getting more and more positive buzz in the marketplace. You’re growing organically at a nice, fast, healthy pace.
Our data shows, and our experience proves, that each of the Core Four can account for about 25 percent growth on their own, but combined have a compounding effect that can ignite growth to 100 percent or more annually.

Simply put, we know how to make businesses grow.

The reality is that in today's competitive business environment, you can't afford to be without a smart strategy for marketing your business.


If you're not using these four strategies to their fullest, our core marketing systems can make all the difference for your business. We'll provide all of the campaigns and marketing assets you need to market your business successfully.


And that's not all.


Our core marketing systems are delivered via a state-of-the-art marketing platform that we often refer to as “the Time Guardian.”




Our System Gives You All The Tools You Need In One Place To:

Engage Your Audience

Tried & tested communication tactics designed to attract new business, re-engage lost opportunities and expand sales with existing customers.

Grow Your Customer Base

Our services focus on driving more customers to your business, products, and services.

Increase Your Revenue

95% of the clients we have worked with are missing AT LEAST two out of the four critical, proven marketing systems that are necessary to achieve maximum business growth.

The Cyna Systems Marketing Platform Includes

Optimized Customer Management

Track all customer data in a central location with Cyna's easy-to-use CRM. Know where new leads are coming from, quickly review your interactions, assess potential opportunities and more.

Custom Follow Up Campaigns

Our multi-channel approach allows you to connect with your leads through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, and even Facebook Messenger to automate follow ups and capture engaged responses from your leads.

Missed Call

Automatically reply by text when you miss a call to keep the conversation alive so you never lose business because you were unavailable.


Social Media Automation

Get your company and brand noticed with social media automation. We can help you post high-quality, helpful, and informative content across multiple social media networks consistently, giving you the edge in marketing and staying ahead of the competition.

Full Featured Site Builder

Quickly and easily update the website and landing pages we give you – or dive in and build your own – with our ridiculously easy-to-use page builder. Built right in is the ability to capture leads through Surveys and capture forms.


Put webchat on your website and get fresh leads straight to your inbox. Every conversation starts with a name and a real phone number, so you can immediately focus on closing the deal instead of fishing for contact details.


Automated Appointment Scheduling

If your business depends on appointments, you can use the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to automatically book leads to your calendar without lifting a finger.

Simplified Customer Payments

We integrate directly with Stripe so you can collect payments on websites, via text, and even when someone books an appointment.


Better Insight and Sales Control

With our built-in Pipeline Management features, you can keep track of where the leads are, what stage they are in the sales process, and how much money has been generated in each phase.

And for the pièce de résistance we present…


The Unified Smart Inbox


Now every customer interaction lives in a single place, right in your Inbox – ready for you to respond to. Request reviews or referrals, connect with website visitors, collect payments, respond to Facebook & Google Messages, and market to customers and leads in one central location.


The Smart Inbox identifies your most interested prospects and allows you to have real-time conversations with them over Email, Text, or Messenger.


With this powerful technology, you'll be able to have complete two-way conversations across multiple channels … in REAL TIME … all from one Inbox.


The Cyna Systems Advantage

Put Cyna Systems To Work In Your Business


Get the tools, proven strategies and campaign materials (plus regular updates) to help your business continually attract, engage and convert prospects.


We know what you're thinking.


“This is going to be ridiculously expensive.”


If you've done any research into marketing systems, tools, or services, you know the costs typically run into multi-thousands per month.


In fact, here's a quick look at all of the tools you would need along with their actual cost to get what Cyna Systems delivers in one complete package:




These are real world costs that business owners face every single day.


But now you've found a better way.


Our packages start at just $297 a month after setup.

All of our systems are pre-built with everything you need to get started right away. Simply work with us to customize the components for your business, and you're good to go.


No more scratching your head trying to figure out how to convert more leads. No more stomach burning with dread as you consider whether or not to write that $20,000 check to a marketing agency to get those follow-up campaigns.


Just simple, effective marketing systems, that YOU control, ready to bring you results.


As you can imagine, there is a HUGE DEMAND for this type of service, and at such a great price, we'll hit our capacity very quickly.


HOWEVER…(Here's the catch you've been waiting for)


We can't help everyone. If we could, it would be great, but we're a small team so we're very picky about who we work with. We have to know that we can help you before we take you on as a client.


If we don't believe we can help you, if we don't have absolute confidence that you are prepared for the growth we're going to send you, and that we can actually give you that level of growth, then we can't work together.




We can only help you if you:

  • Have valuable products and/or services to offer
  • Are well-respected in your market
  • Have the willingness and ability to advertise
  • Are NOT in direct competition with one of our current clients
  • Have the ability to close sales


If you meet the criteria and would like to talk to us about maximizing your growth, then we'll happily set aside some time for you.


This is what you can expect:


  • First, you'll need to fill out an application. Don't worry, it's simple and straightforward. We just need to know a bit about your business, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth.
  • We're also going to ask for a “real person” deposit of $100. To be frank, we don't really care about your $100. We just use it as a filter to keep the time vampires at bay. We'll give it back right after your call (unless we take you as a client – and in that case, we can apply it to your balance if you wish).
  • Once we have your application and “real person” deposit, you'll see a page with our calendar where you can pick a time that works for us to talk.
  • The initial call will be between 45 and 60 minutes. This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you want…and how to make it happen. We'll painstakingly review your goals, your offers, and so forth and deliver a plan to bring it to life.


During your meeting, if you see value in becoming a client, great! Here's what will happen if we decide to work together.


customer journey


And if you don't become a client, that's OK, too. We'll return your deposit as soon as the session is over. No biggie.


Do keep in mind this opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results. It is physically impossible for us to work with more than a handful of people.


So if you feel this is right for you, just click any of the Get Started buttons on this page, and you'll be taken to the application.

Why Us?

We Produce Results


We help local businesses reach their growth potential and dominate their markets with proven marketing systems.


Our job is to help implement marketing that leverages technology to achieve maximum results so that our clients can focus on what they do best – running their businesses.


If you’re searching for effective strategies to find new customers and keep your customers coming back for more, we’re here to help. Our team has years of experience and a proven history of helping businesses fuel their growth.


Our systems have been designed to get you the highest return in the shortest time possible. Investigate our packages to find the plan that works for your business or contact us to find out where you stand right now and what marketing strategies will give you the best ROI.


Let us take the hard work out of marketing your business online.


By offering cost-effective tools and marketing assets, Cyna helps you stay focused on what you do best – delivering great products and services to your customers.


Supercharge your marketing with our proprietary systems and software. Use our high-converting strategies to work smarter, not harder.


Don’t Fall For These Marketing Myths:

You need a ton of website traffic for marketing to be effective.

As few as 100 visitors to your website could give you all the customers you can handle. You don’t need thousands of monthly visitors to grow. You need strategies like retargeting, high-converting websites, and irresistible video offers that help convert your traffic into paying customers quickly and easily.


A great-looking website will increase my sales.

96% OF YOUR VISITORS DON’T CONTACT YOU OR PURCHASE. A professional looking website won’t explode your sales on its own. Your website must be designed to convert. Better storytelling, irresistible offers, and a 5-star reputation can turn a “good-looking” website into a sales-converting machine.


My business is too small for marketing automation.

Almost ANY BUSINESS can benefit from strategies that get the best offer in front of the right customer at the perfect moment. Advances in technology mean that the high-efficiency precision of automated marketing isn’t just for giant corporations anymore. Let us show you how it could help grow your sales by up to 300%!


Start Growing Your Business Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Effective Is Email Marketing To Increase Business?

Email marketing generates up to $40 for every dollar you spend! It continues to consistently produce the BEST ROI of any marketing channel. Stop boring your email list with “company newsletters.” Instead, target your list of interested customers with truly compelling offers and the results could blow you away!


What’s The Fastest Way To Get 5 Star Reviews?

The best way to get 5 star reviews is to ask for them! Too often, only frustrated customers leave reviews. Our Reputation Marketing Services will show you how to convince your best customers to leave you positive reviews quickly. Let us show you how to get FIVE 5-star reviews in under 5 days!


Which Is Better? SEO or Paid Traffic?

You need BOTH a Paid Traffic strategy AND an SEO strategy to dominate your competition online. Paid Traffic gets more visitors to your website NOW to help generate leads and drive sales. A focused SEO strategy helps keep you ahead of the competition in search rankings in the long-term, attracting low-cost and relevant visitors every single day.

How Do I Get My Website To Convert Better?

Boost your conversions by retargeting 100% of your web visitors. Stop letting buyers get away! Retargeting is more cost-effective than PPC marketing, television, radio, and most other mediums. Capture customers you KNOW are interested for just pennies to get as much as 10X the value out of every dollar you spend.


What’s The Best Way To Get More Visitors To My Website?

Paid traffic is the BEST way to get more visitors, sales, and conversions immediately. By targeting your ideal customer with laser-precision, you can find high-converting traffic that is ready to buy. After they’ve visited once, retargeting them to keep your company top-of-mind and make sure they’re thinking about YOU when it’s time to purchase.


Does Video Marketing Really Increase Sales?

Absolutely! Conversion rates for pages with video are up to 80% higher. That means that video delivers a lot MORE customers, MORE leads, and MORE sales. Viewers retain up to 90% of what they watch in video (vs 10% for text), so if you want visitors to remember your business tomorrow, video marketing is 100% the best way to do it.

Our Promise To You



We know it can be overwhelming trying to find the right marketing systems to bring in the customers you need. The customers are out there, but what is the best way to reach them?  


If you’re searching for help finding new customers and keeping your customers coming back for more, we’re here to help. Our team has years of experience and a proven history of helping businesses fuel their growth.  


We started our agency to help people like you take your business to the next level. Let our marketing systems do the hard work of attracting more business for you, so that you can focus on making your business extraordinary.